• Guide to Swimming at Noosa, Queensland

    Guide to Swimming at Noosa, Queensland
    Noosa Beach is one of the few beaches in Australia's east coast that faces north, making swimming at Noosa just perfect! Located in the Sunshine Coast, this gorgeous beach is known for its moderate waves and clear waters that offer a safe swimming spot all throughout the year, thanks to its unique positioning. If you're looking for a place to relax and have some...
  • Mens Swimwear History Guide

    Mens Swimwear History Guide
    Want to find our more about Mens Swimwear History? Just as women's swimsuits have undergone remarkable changes throughout the decades, men's swimwear also experienced quite a transformation since men have found it prudent and fashionable to wear something when taking a bath or when swimming. For the most part of human history, men bathed au naturel. Today, however, it is quite rare to see...
  • Guide to Swimming at Bondi Beach, Australia

    Guide to Swimming at Bondi Beach, Australia
    Swimming at Bondi Beach is a must do for all visitors to Sydney. Considered the most popular beach in the country, Bondi Beach attracts thousands or even millions of beach goers every year. The beach is especially packed in the summer, with throngs of locals and tourists alike finding different ways to escape the summer heat. Of course, the beach is also a must-visit...
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