• Head to Head: Beach vs Pool!

    Head to Head: Beach vs Pool!
    There's an age-old debate about the superior swimming area; beaches or pools. We aren't going to claim that we've found the answer because we truly don't believe there's an answer to be found. Instead, the team at Bondi Joe Swimwear wants to take you through some pros and cons of each venue to help you decide what suits you best. Let's get into it!...
  • 10 Swimming Pool Games for Kids

    10 Swimming Pool Games for Kids
    There are loads of great swimming pool games for kids. Whether you are at the hotel pool or the beach, good swimming games can provide fun for all ages, and keep the kids occupied for hours. We all have great memories of playing Marco Polo with the neighbourhood kids in the backyard pool, and the game remains extremely popular today. Below you will find...
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