Our Mission

To create sustainable swimwear that makes you feel comfortable and confident wearing …. so that you can get on with having fun in the sun.







We stand for


Our swimwear is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, our packaging is biodegradable, and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits to offset our impact to the environment.


We put lots of research into designing shorts that real men can comfortably wear all day, and we are so sure we have the perfect pair that we provide a fit and comfort guarantee, backed by a quick and easy returns process.


Our designs are classic, and perfect for the man who has outgrown surf brands, is too young to be boring, wear fluorescence or old man brands (no offence!). Feel confident that you’ll look great on the beach or by the hotel pool.

Our Story

Sydney couple Amanda and Marcus grew up enjoying the beautiful beaches of Australia at every opportunity. When they first met that meant hours of sunshine enjoyed at Balmoral beach. Like many couples, the arrival of their kids was associated with a sharp decline in their beach going. Beach trips became planned events with loads of equipment to carry. Cool swimwear gave way to daggy shorts.

This got us thinking: why is most mens swimwear either surf brands or old man style?

And so Bondi Joe was born.

We called it Bondi because it’s Australia’s most famous beach. From the beautiful white sand and blue water, to the incredible life guards that watch the swimmers – this beach has it all. All year round swimmers and surfers, locals and tourists flock to Bondi to see the sights, enjoy the waves and all the beach has to offer.

We called it Joe because we love the connotation Joe has as the name of Mr Average. We are a mens swimwear brand for guys that have outgrown surf brands, are too young for old man styles and would not wear skimpy trunks or athletic swimshorts. We aren’t for beach show offs or attention seekers … we are for real guys with real bodies who still want to look great at the beach.

And why a seagull for a logo? Because seagulls are the most persistent bird at the beach – always there in any weather, and always looking for a sneaky chip from a tourist. We aren’t going to rest until you love your swimwear.