Ethical Supply Chain Commitment

Our commitment to an ethical and transparent supply chain

When we created Bondi Joe, we committed to making a transparent and ethical supply chain.

We work with a range of suppliers and manufacturers to develop and produce Bondi Joe swimwear. Our principal manufacturer is located in Indonesia, and we have visited the factory and met with staff to understand their working conditions and environment. Our manufacturing partner pays above average wages, provides a good workplace environment and provides benefits to workers such as health insurance for them and their families.

Our fabrics are designed by our design team around the world, and printed in China onto 100% recycled material. This material includes recycled plastic bottles – removing them from rubbish dumps and making them into high end swimwear!

As we grow and expand Bondi Joe, we are committed to ensuring all our suppliers meet our stringent standards in terms of sustainability. We are committed to partnering with suppliers that understand the importance of an ethical supply chain and will continue to strive to improve the impact of our brand.

– Bondi Joe

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