A Closer Look at the Streets We Name Our Board Shorts After Part 1

If you're not from the area, you may not know that each of Bondi Joe's styles are named after a street in Bondi! They aren't the biggest streets, we just love the names and how close they are to the action! In this article, let's talk about the first half of our collection and the streets they're named after! For more information about our design men's swimwear, visit www.bondijoe.com

Grove Street

  • Distance from Bondi Beach: a 5-minute drive, 2.6 km
  • What's on the street? Grove Street is a residential street just five minutes away from Bondi Beach! On this street, you'll find some gorgeous Bondi homes filled with friendly faces. Grove Street is just off of Watson Street, another road that Bondi Joe named a style after!
  • The Swimwear: Grove men's swim trunks are one of the most popular styles! Everyone loves a tropical print, and Grove sure does deliver! Bright green and blue leaves sit on a black and grey background, creating the perfect pair of swim shorts for men all over the world! As always, each pair is made of 100% recycled materials, and are built for all-weekend comfort.

Cutler Street

  • Distance from Bondi Beach: a 3-minute drive, 1.1 km 
  • What's on the street? Like Grove Street, Cutler Street is a residential area! There are several apartment buildings lining the road, giving many residents a wonderful home right by the beach! Cutler Street is just one street over from Bondi Road, one of the most traveled in the city! Since you're so near the main strip, there's plenty to do just a few minutes from Cutler Street!
  • The Swimwear: Cutler swim trunks feature a striking geometric pattern in a light blue and a darker navy. With a contrasting drawstring, this style has been a hit all summer! These shorts are perfect for anyone who loves patterns but isn't crazy about bright colors. The simple blues are effective and very designer, but they aren't overbearing. These shorts are lighter than some of the other designs, so if you want to stay cooler, these may be the shorts for you!

Roscoe Street

  • Distance from Bondi Beach: a 1-minute drive, <300 m
  • What's on the street? While you will find plenty of homes and apartments of Roscoe Street, you'll also find a few local businesses! The Bondi Police Station calls Roscoe Street home, so anyone in the area can feel safe and secure. If you get a bit hungry, head over to Hurricane's Grill & Bar for all your Australian favorites! Nothing completes a beach day like a meal and drink with friends and family. Another notable business is Shedboards surfboard repairs, which get a lot of business from the surfers at Bondi Beach! Being so close, it's a convenient place to take your board for repairs if needed. 
  • The Swimwear: We offer two varieties of Roscoe swim trunks; Green and Grey. Roscoe Green came first, and was quickly our best-seller! We decided to reinvent it this season with the grey option! Both feature the same tropical print with birds of paradise flowers, lush leaves, and pops of pink and white flowers, one on a green background, and one on a grey background. This print is bold, bright, and very summery, making it a hot pick for swim trunks! Pair it with a white t-shirt and you're ready to go out to eat after your day at the beach is over. 

Lucius Street

  • Distance from Bondi Beach: a 5-minute drive, 1.5 km 
  • What's on the street? Lucius Street is not very large, but we fell in love with the name. Like Grove, it is largely a residential area, featuring houses and apartment buildings to die for! Anyone who lives in Bondi is lucky to be so close to all the action, and you're only a walk away from the hub of it all no matter which street you're on. Lucius is a shorter road, really more of a connector than its own passage. We still think it deserves some love considering its proximity to our beloved Bondi Beach!
  • The Swimwear: Our Lucius men's swimwear is a deeper design for those who tend to shy away from bright colors and bold patterns. There are no tropical flowers here! There's a repeating geometric pattern featuring a deep navy, black, and a contrasting lighter blue. They look like three-dimensional cubes because who doesn't love a good illusion? Paired with a light drawstring, these shorts make a statement without being too in your face. You'll love them at the beach, at the store, sitting by the pool, and anywhere else you go! 

Banksia Road

  • Distance from Bondi Beach: a 7-minute drive, 2.6 km 
  • What's on the street? Our final road (for now!) is Banksia Road located just 7 minutes from Bondi Beach. Like many of the others, Banksia Road is largely residential, but it has far more large complexes than elsewhere in the city. There are stunning new builds that can hold multiple families in their own luxurious apartment. Banksia Road is a tiny connector way between Birriga Road and Old South Head Road. From this tiny area, you can walk to some of the most popular places in Bondi including shops, restaurants, boutiques, and the beach!
  • The Swimwear: Bondi Joe's Banksia swim trunks feature the distinctive Australian pink and grey galah cockatoo bird and the famous flower of the banksia plant on a coral background. It's one of our lighter designs; very summery and tropical. We guarantee that you won't find a print like this anywhere else! Since our swim trunks are liner-free, they dry quickly so that you can get on with your adventures of the day! Coral is a very popular color right now, so hop on the trend with some Banksia shorts!

This is only half of our collection of incredible, eco-friendly designer men's swimwear. If you're ever in the area, we encourage you to take a little trip to some of these streets! Bondi is a beautiful place to be, so you won't mind walking a little bit. You'll stumble upon many shops and eateries and you'll probably bump into a few friendly residents or tourists on the way! If you love any of these styles, you can order a pair today for Free Shipping! Visit www.bondijoe.com to browse the collection!
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