Mens Swimwear Length Guide

It can be hard to choose the perfect mens swimwear length, especially if you are not the average body shape. To help you find a pair of swim trunks or any type of swimwear that will perfectly fit and complement your build, here are a few tips you must consider when shopping.

The perfect mens swimwear length is mid thigh

The type of men's swimwear you'll choose will ultimately depend on a number of factors such as your personal preferences, your comfort levels, and more importantly the length and width of your thighs. But when it comes to the length of your swim trunks, the rule of thumb is to choose one that ends in the middle of you thigh. For a good and decent fit, the hem of your swim trunks shouldn't go beyond your knees. At the same time, it shouldn't be way shorter or it will make your thigh look disproportioned to the rest of your body.

Board shorts are too long for older guys

Board shorts are indeed very popular among surfers and younger guys. A few years ago, you were probably wearing one yourself. But now that you're older, it isn't really a great idea to wear board shorts to the beach. Unless you're a legit surfer, you should probably choose a particular type of swimwear that is more appropriate for your age.

Short athletic style swimmers are too short

If board shorts are too long, then performance swimwear is too short for you. Wearing speedos and athletic style swimmers is not really a great look for older guys, especially if you're hitting the beach. Apart from the fact that they are short and skimpy, they are not that comfortable, as well. Wearing this to the beach can be quite troublesome, especially if you're going to be walking or moving around a lot.

If you are tall

If you are tall and have a fit body, you need not worry because you can rock pretty much any mens swimwear length. However, it is entirely a different story if you have skinny arms and legs. If you're tall and skinny, avoid swim trunks that go beyond your knees because it will make you look like you're wearing a pair of capri pants at the beach. It could also bring too much attention to your legs and if you're conscious about your legs, people staring at them is probably the last thing on earth you'd want to happen. Also, ensure that your swim trunks are not too baggy or too loose because it would make your legs look way thinner than they actually are.

If you are short

Some people with short stature wear very short trunks, thinking that the lack of fabric will give their legs the appearance of being longer. However, it usually has the opposite effect because shorter swimwear has the tendency to make your thighs look thicker. This in turn could make your torso look bulkier. When in doubt, always refer to Tip No 1 above.
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