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Great mens beach wear is always in style, and the good news is that it’s less subject to style fads than beachwear for women can be. Here are our best tips for looking great at the beach.

Mens beach wear starts with the perfect shorts.

Nothing is more important that making sure your swimmers are in style and make you look great. No more surf brands gentlemen, and no more tight swimmers. it’s all about looking great for your age. Think modern boardshorts with great colors that suits your body and swim tone.

Simple, stylish accessories.

The modern man looks classic at the beach. You want to look great, and that achieving that look was easy rather than hours of fussing!

There are a few essentials for mens beach wear you’ll need to consider, including the towel, the sun glasses, the hat and the rash vest. For each, remember to buy styles and patterns that are classic and not seasonal. Plain, masculine beach towels are always in style – but this seasons it-color of tangerine may not be around as long!

When it comes to sunglasses, remember to get ones with polarised lenses – they offer much better protection from the sun. A great tip is to buy two pairs – one more expensive pair (potentially from a designer label!) that you can wear getting to and from the beach, or afterwards when you are at the pub. The other pair, a $10 special from the pharmacist (ie, drug store) that you can wear in the sand, when in the ocean etc, and are happy to lose at sea if a big wave comes along. Nothing worse that loosing that designer pair of sunglasses in the ocean gents!

Invest in a great beach bag that fits your stuff and looks as good at the beach as it will under your table at the cafe or bar afterwards! There at plenty of good beach bag brand out there now – shop around wisely and remember that if you look after it you’ll get years out of it!

Don’t forget your feet

One of the most important mens beach wear item is what you wear on your feet. In Australia, the standard beachwear for feet is the thong – or flip flop if you’re American and shocked to read that we wear thongs on our feet (haha). No one wants to see you in an old pair of thongs from Kmart or target, so get a modern pair of thongs from a good brand. Darker colors are best to show less wear and tear as the summer progresses, but hey, they are so cheap buy a couple of pairs!

The most important mens beach wear item of all

Once you have the perfect swimmers, the sun glasses, the beach bag and the thongs – it’s time to head to the supermarket and buy the most important item for all, sunscreen! Buy a bottle of SPF 50+ and be sure to wear it when you’re at the beach along with your T-shirt and hat. Being safe in the sun is always in style!!

– Bondi Joe


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