Swimming at Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay is hands down the most photographed place in Tasmania. The beach itself is 1.7 km long of pure, magical bliss. It is about a 2-hour drive from Hobart and Launceston. Despite the fact that the Tasmania weather can sometimes get unpredictable, it is still the second-driest part of Australia after South Australia. Oh, what joy!


Wineglass Bay is such a fancy name with a pretty fancy beach. Unfortunately, the origin of the name is not so beautiful – relating to the connection of the beach to the whaling industry in the 1820s. For a period of 20 years or so, whalers would bring their catch into the bay for butchering – making the water resemble a red white glass due to the blood. Whalers would extract oil used in Britain for lighting, and whale bones were used in corsets and hoop skirts.

Things To Do In Wineglass Bay… After Swimming (of course)

Wineglass Bay can be a beautiful spot to don your favorite boardshorts and go for a swim (if you can brave the cold water!!). For those who would like to take hiking breaks from swimming, Wineglass Bay is 2 hours from the entrance of the Freycinet National Park. The walk involves an uphill climb through The Hazards, followed by a walk towards the beach which is mainly downhill. Alternatively, there is a longer trail that takes up to 4 days to hike – which is not for the faint hearted! Set out from Wineglass Bay through the white sands that take you round to the park entrance via the Hazards Range and you will have the chance to see views of the Great Oyster Bay and the coastline that goes around Swansea village. While at it, watch out for White-bellied Sea Eagles and black swans.

If you are not much of a hiker, there is a list of adventurous things to choose from. You could go mountain biking, scuba diving, go quad biking, sea kayaking, rock climb, sea fishing. If you would rather have a slow, relaxing day, you can enjoy a nap on your towel by the beach, or read a book from your balcony and eventually get to see the beautiful sunset. Wineglass Bay is one of the best spots for any of these.

Foodies are not left out of the fun at Wineglass Bay. We know how hungry we get after swimming, and Wineglass Bay got you on that. There are lots of seafood such as crayfish, scallops, and fresh oysters straight from the clear waters. Tasmania also has cool-climate wines that will go down well with whatever food you decide on.

Whatever it is you choose to do at Wineglass Bay, you are sure to find out quickly that Wineglass bay is one of the iconic spots in the world.

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