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Beach Hacks You'll Love!

Beach Hacks You'll Love!-Bondi Joe Swimwear

Here at Bondi Joe Swimwear, we love anything involving the beach, the pool, or any water-based activity! When you're a regular beach goer, you start to get creative with ways to make your adventures more enjoyable. We've heard of, seen, and tried many beach hacks. While some aren't worth the effort, others are life-changing! Take a look at five of our favorites! 


Hide Valuables

When you take a trip to the beach with family or friends, you probably want to hang out with them as much as possible. This could leave you in a situation where you all want to hop in the water, but that will leave your belongings unattended. How can you protect your valuables at the beach? Hide them! There are many genius ideas floating around the internet that you can try. Clean out an empty sunscreen bottle to hold your phone, keys, and money. Roll up bills into an empty chapstick container. Dig a hole under your beach blanket, store your things, then replace the blanket over top. Use your sneakers or boots as a hiding place. The options are endless. Of course, the safest thing to do is to always have someone watching your items. We'd also suggest finding your own creative hiding places because more and more people know about these hacks every year. The goal is to find something inconspicuous and uninteresting that will not entice thieves to go snooping around. If you come up with a new idea, be sure to share it with your friends and family!

Carry Baby Powder

Baby powder (or talcum powder) is a beach must-have. Why? It's perfect for getting sand off of your skin! Beach sand is moist and will cling to your skin and not want to let go. Baby powder helps to dry the sand out so that it is easy to brush off! Nothing is more uncomfortable than putting sandy feet into shoes. With baby powder, you can avoid such an unpleasant experience! We recommend bringing along a small towel as well so that you can brush the powder and sand off. Baby powder can also help to get grains of sand off your scalp to prevent itching and irritation. For a natural alternative, bring along some cornstarch. Baby powder is believed to work better, but cornstarch is kinder to the beach critters. 

Put Your Phone in a Plastic Bag

We all love having smartphones, right? The beach is, unfortunately, not the best place for them. Water, sand, and electronics don't mix well. To avoid problems, keep your phone in a plastic bag. Be sure to seal the bag tight to avoid leaks. Ziploc bags from your kitchen do the job just fine, but if you're at the beach frequently or near the water, companies sell plastic bag-esque cases specifically for phones. We love this hack because you can still use your phone, even with sandy hands. 99% of touchscreens will respond through the bag, so you don't have to lose any functionality in favor of protection. Make sure you keep your phone out of the sun when you can to avoid overheating. Smartphones are not designed to withstand high temperatures, and plastic baggies can actually make the phone heat up more quickly if it's left in the sun. 

Freeze Your Water and Juice 

How many times have you taken a cooler to the beach only to find that the drinks inside are warm anyway? To keep water and juices cold, we suggest storing them in a cooler with bags of ice or ice packs. To make sure they're chilly all day, freeze the drinks themselves before you head out! It's very important to note that some drinks should not be frozen. Beer, soda, alcohol, or anything in glass bottles or aluminum cans are prone to bursting. Plastic bottles have a bit more give to them so they can typically handle the expanding liquid. Don't over freeze anything if you want to be sure there won't be any explosions or transfer them to a freeze-proof container that is large enough and strong enough to not burst. 

Get Some Bondi Joe Swimtrunks

This last hack is our favorite! Our customers will agree with us; Bondi Joe Swimtrunks make any beach day better. Most men's swimwear has a mesh inner lining that gets tangled up and takes forever to dry. Bondi Joe listened and created swim trunks that are liner-free for all-day comfort! You can sit, lay down, go swimming, play games, etc. in our swim trunks and never be uncomfortable. They're perfect for a beach day because with the simple addition of a T-shirt and shoes, you're ready to go to your favorite bar or restaurant. Better still, all Bondi Joe Swim Trunks have three large pockets. You can easily carry your wallet, your phone, your keys, snacks, and whatever your girlfriend gets tired of carrying. The drawstring waistband lets you customize the fit to prevent your shorts from slipping down or riding up. We offer free global shipping and a Fit & Comfort Guarantee. If you order a pair of trunks and they aren't everything we promise they'd be, you can send them back for a refund. There's still time to upgrade your swimwear game for summer 2020! Check out now to shop. 

How many of these beach hacks have you tried or heard about? Our team and our customers love them and the many more that we did not include in this article. It's always great to see people find creative solutions to common problems. We hope the rest of the summer of 2020 goes well for you. Stay safe and healthy, and be sure to treat yourself to at least one more trip to the beach. Bondi Joe Swimwear is currently 20% off when you use the code Take20. Explore our site and see what makes Bondi Joe different.