Beachwear For Men – Finding Amazing Swim Shorts!

To look really cool there is only one choice for in beachwear for men, and that's mens swim shorts. Women really like the smart yet casual image, and that's what beach shorts offer. Skin tight speedos are an absolute turn off, as are baggy board shorts – believe it or not, the ladies would rather that you kept your assets neatly tidied away, rather than lolling in their faces! And they want you to look like a man, not a kid.

Beach shorts are defined as properly tailored shorts which have a neat waistband, a leg length from traditionally short to a few inches above the knee, a mesh liner, and usually a few pockets. They can be used for swimming, lounging on the beach or by the pool, walking around town and even casual dining. They make the best of any figure, whether you have a six pack or a beer keg!

Fit Is The Key To Looking Good

Let's face it, not every single male on the beach is an Adonis, but we all have our good points. To highlight your best features, choose beachwear for men in the same way that you'd choose a business suit. It's important that the size is right, and the most important aspect of fit is that those shorts shouldn't be too skimpy or too tight. A tight fit just emphasises those extra pounds, but allowing a little extra room around the waist actually trims your shape. Three quarters of an inch to an inch is about right.

What About Fabric?

There are some terrific fabrics around, and even if you aren't in charge of the laundry, it's a good idea to buy the best quality you can afford, because beach shorts really do suffer abuse. Salt from the sea, chlorine from the pool, blazing sun, those times when you leave them damp in the bottom of your bag and they come out looking like the Thing From The Swamp – shorts go to hell and back again through the average winter. So select a high quality cotton and man made mix, maybe something with a little stretch in it, that will go into the wash and come out looking good, time after time.

Pattern And Colour in Beachwear for Men – The Lowdown

When asked, most women have very clear preferences for colour and pattern in their mens swims shorts. They tend to like solid colours, or simple patterns. If you have a great tan, or are dark skinned, you can go all out for the neons – vivid orange, yellow, turquoise, even pink. These colours will look very attractive and manly. If you haven't yet acquired the killer tan, go for more natural colours, soft blues and greens, grey, navy and stone all look good. Most women really don't go for those vivid patterns, hibiscus, palm trees, sharks and the like. Leave those for the boys – you're a man Finally, make sure that you have at least a couple of pairs of beach shorts in your wardrobe, so you can ring the changes to suit your mood, and you'll always have a fresh pair to jump into when the sun shines.
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