Designer Swim Shorts – The Year's Trends

Many of us spend a lot of time in the outdoors, having fun and wearing our favourite mens beach shorts. So if you want to look good, cutting edge, and just plain cool on the beach, then here are the designer swim shorts trends that you need to know all about. 

The Main Trends In Designer Swim Shorts

For this year, the look is all about slim and trim. No, not skimpy, not baggy, what you want are designer mens swim shorts. Beach shorts can be defined as taking you from the water, to the beach or poolside, and then to the stroll around town or the bar. Or the bedroom. (Think Sean Connery in “Dr. No”). They have a proper waistband, a mesh liner, useful pockets and are tailored from quality fabric. They come in a choice of lengths, the preferred length being a few inches above the knee. There are no elastic waistbands, no tiny squirrel pouches, no acres of baggy fabric. Just a smooth trim outline that makes you look, well, hunky. No matter how little time you spent in the gym. It should be noted that there is a certain school of thought this year which favours floppy retro shorts which look like they were designed in 1972. In silky materials, with a drawstring. Just Say No. They don't look manly, and they make even the best muscled legs look feeble.

What To Wear With Shorts

Please, not a singlet! Unless you want to look like your dad, or a thug. There are only three choices for your top half : tanned skin, a v-neck short sleeved or long sleeved cotton tee in white, or a good quality cotton short sleeved shirt in a solid colour which picks out one of the colours in your shorts. This last choice if the one to go for if you are carrying a little more weight than you'd like, or if you've caught a bit too much sun. Thongs are fine, sandals are good, but please, never with socks. And if your feet are all cramped and ugly from months of hiding away in your business shoes, be a man, don't frighten the kids, get yourself a pedicure!

Colours and Patterns

As ever, solids are a good choice, and royal blue is a key colour in many designer swim shorts collections. You can also find some nicely understated patterns in low key colours, and pastels which really do look great on buff guys, so if this is you, don't be afraid of peach, pink and baby blue – especially if you have a nice tan to go with them. There are some terrific bold stripes around, in good strong primary colours, but don't try these if you're tall and skinny – they will make you look like a pencil.
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