Mens Swimwear Color Guide

Overwhelmed with the mens swimwear color options? Checkout our top tips to choosing the perfect pair!

If you have pale skin, avoid light colored swimwear

For those who have very pale skin complexion, don't go for swimwear with light colors. Light colored swimwear can make your skin look dull, gray, and washed out. In worse cases, it could even make you look as if you're sick. You certainly don't want to be looking like a ghost in your beach photos, do you? Therefore, choose swimwear with darker or richer colors. The darker color of the fabric would create a nice and vibrant contrast between your skin and the swim trunks or shorts that you're wearing.

If you are tall, avoid vertical stripes

If you're blessed with long limbs and a long torso, make sure that you don't wear swim trunks with vertical stripes. The vertical stripes could make your already long legs look much longer. This is turn could exaggerate your size. This is also unflattering for those who are both tall and skinny as the vertical stripes can make your legs look thinner, as well. If you're already tall, go for swimwear with horizontal stripes or a plaid design instead.

If you are larger sized, avoid horizontal stripes

If you have dad body, try to avoid mens swimwear with horizontal stripes, especially those with thick stripes. Such a design creates the appearance of you being bulkier. As a result it could make you look much larger than you are. Also, the horizontal stripes could bring attention to your belly. If you want to appear thinner, go for vertical stripes or choose other patterns and designs for your swimwear.

Avoid plain colors to look younger

Unless you want to be mistaken for an old man, see to it that you avoid plain colored mens swimwear. In most cases, swimwear with plain colors is worn by older men. If you want to look young, hip, and cool, choose from a wide range of colorful and vibrantly designed swim trunks available today. Look for patterns that you like so you can express yourself without people getting your age wrong.

Choose a mens swimwear color that you feel comfortable wearing

There is nothing worse than buying cool mens swim trunks and not wearing them because you don’t feel comfortable with their color or style. What's more, it is a big waste of money. So when buying swimwear, make sure that you like everything about it—its color, style, fit, everything! This way, you can be sure that you won't regret your decision.

Wear It with Confidence

After choosing a specific swimwear, be sure to wear it with confidence. No matter what your choice is, always wear it proudly. If you're confident about what you're wearing, it will be reflected in the way you carry yourself. This in turn will allow you to turn heads and attract the attention of others in a good way!
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