• Guide to bathing suits for men

    Guide to bathing suits for men
    How to buy bathing suits for men for men this season It can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing bathing suits for men. What style to choose, in what colour and what size are all hard decisions when you want to look good at the beach! Here are some helpful tips to help you find swimwear that will make you look hot and...
  • Buying swimwear for short guys

    Buying swimwear for short guys
    Buying mens swimwear for short guys doesn't have to be a huge challenge, it's all about knowing what you are looking for and how to dress the best for your height. Swimwear for short guys tips Believe it or not, short guys have it much easier when shopping for swimwear as compared to taller men. According to fashion experts, the shorter you are, the...
  • Tall Mens Swimwear Guide

    Tall Mens Swimwear Guide
    It can be difficult buying tall mens swimwear. If you're hitting the beach soon and you want swimwear that will look good and feel good, this is the guide for you. Buying tall mens swimwear As a rule of thumb, tall guys should always go for mens swimwear that ends just right above the knee. Anything that goes beyond your knees may not be...
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