• What Your Swim Trunks Say About You

    What Your Swim Trunks Say About You
    Every person is attracted to different colors, patterns, and styles. Everything that you enjoy can actually be linked to your personality! Of course, the descriptions aren't always completely accurate, but they can be scarily correct sometimes! Today, the Bondi Joe team is going to try to guess your personality based on the type of swim trunks you wear! Let us know if we get...
  • How to choose cool mens swimwear

    How to choose cool mens swimwear
    Swimsuit season is almost here, so it’s about time that you start finding the perfect male swim shorts to wear. With the wide variety of men swimwear available today, it can be quite messy to pick the best option for you. Most of the products currently sold in the market have different designs. You can choose from solid colors to cute little graphics. You...
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