• Easy Pool Party Drink Ideas

    Easy Pool Party Drink Ideas
    Are you on the hunt for ways to make your pool party the best yet? Invite all of your adult friends and try your hand at some of these drink ideas! They'll become a poolside tradition in no time!
  • Head to Head: Beach vs Pool!

    Head to Head: Beach vs Pool!
    There's an age-old debate about the superior swimming area; beaches or pools. We aren't going to claim that we've found the answer because we truly don't believe there's an answer to be found. Instead, the team at Bondi Joe Swimwear wants to take you through some pros and cons of each venue to help you decide what suits you best. Let's get into it!...
  • Relaxing at the Hotel Pool

    Relaxing at the Hotel Pool
    Are you a man that likes to see the sights rather than sit beside the hotel pool? Being made to have a rest day by the Mrs? Here are some tips on making the most of that all day by the hotel pool. Ensure that you look great and are comfortable for the whole day If you're going to be staying in just one...
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