• Budgie Smugglers

    Budgie Smugglers
    What are budgie smugglers? Budgie smugglers is the Australian term for men’s athletic swimwear. They are also commonly knowns as “speedos” but this term is the trademark of a major swimwear brand. Why is it called a budgie smuggler? Answering this question starts with a lesson in Australian bird life. A budgie is a small Australian bird, brightly coloured from blue to yellow or...
  • Guide to Swimming in Fiji

    Guide to Swimming in Fiji
    Swimming in Fiji is a must-do activity. You can't mention the Pacific Islands without the island-nation of Fiji coming up. Considered by many as their dream holiday destination, Fiji has been constantly voted by many travel magazines and international travel sites such as Trip Advisor as having some of the best and most beautiful beaches in the world. If you want to see what...
  • Help! I've outgrown Board Shorts and need cool mens swim trunks

    Help! I've outgrown Board Shorts and need cool mens swim trunks
    Getting older and still wearing board shorts? Never surfed but find yourself heading to a surf shop when it’s time to buy bathers? It might be time to look beyond the board shorts and find some cool mens swim trunks this summer. Board shorts are great for young guys or those who surf Surf branded board shorts are quite popular among teens and young...
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