• Mens Swimwear Length Guide

    Mens Swimwear Length Guide
    It can be hard to choose the perfect mens swimwear length, especially if you are not the average body shape. To help you find a pair of swim trunks or any type of swimwear that will perfectly fit and complement your build, here are a few tips you must consider when shopping. The perfect mens swimwear length is mid thigh The type of men's...
  • Mens Swimwear Color Guide

    Mens Swimwear Color Guide
    Overwhelmed with the mens swimwear color options? Checkout our top tips to choosing the perfect pair! If you have pale skin, avoid light colored swimwear For those who have very pale skin complexion, don't go for swimwear with light colors. Light colored swimwear can make your skin look dull, gray, and washed out. In worse cases, it could even make you look as if...
  • Finding Cool Mens Swim Trunks!

    Finding Cool Mens Swim Trunks!
    Finding cool mens swim trunks is a task that requires far more thought than a man is prepared to give. Naturally, we men are always in a rush, and unlike women, we seldom buy our staples with care. Only this little piece of information reveals itself to us when it’s too late and we find ourselves embroiled in situations that are entirely too embarrassing...
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