• Buying swimwear for short guys

    Buying swimwear for short guys
    Buying mens swimwear for short guys doesn't have to be a huge challenge, it's all about knowing what you are looking for and how to dress the best for your height. Swimwear for short guys tips Believe it or not, short guys have it much easier when shopping for swimwear as compared to taller men. According to fashion experts, the shorter you are, the...
  • Mens Swimwear History Guide

    Mens Swimwear History Guide
    Want to find our more about Mens Swimwear History? Just as women's swimsuits have undergone remarkable changes throughout the decades, men's swimwear also experienced quite a transformation since men have found it prudent and fashionable to wear something when taking a bath or when swimming. For the most part of human history, men bathed au naturel. Today, however, it is quite rare to see...
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