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Beach Shorts Mens Choice For Style And Comfort

Beach Shorts Mens Choice For Style And Comfort-Bondi Joe Swimwear

When it comes to buying mens swim trunks we tend to focus on two things: will they be comfortable, and will they make me look good on the beach and around the pool? I mean, let's face it, we can't all be Brad Pitt. Even Brad Pitt isn't Brad Pitt any more! But we can all do our best to look our best, and so when you're choosing beach wear, choose beach shorts mens.


Beach Shorts Mens Best Friends When It Comes To Looking Good

Why do beach shorts make you look better than any other kind of swimwear? Just think about the alternatives. Those itsy bitsy swim trunks which might conceal what a boy has down there, but can certainly leave a man feeling kind of conspicuous. Baggy board shorts which give you that uneasy slipping down feeling if you decide to dive or jump. Or those cheap buy-one-get-one-free shorts you threw into your cart down at the market, which do just nothing for you in terms of shape, fit, colour, style or actually anything at all. Beach shorts, on the other hand, are tailored, just like a good suit. They are designed by a real human being who understands exactly what you need to look and feel great. They have a mesh liner, for shape and comfort. They are designed to come a little over the knee, giving a good sleek outline, and protecting the sensitive skin on the upper thigh from too much sun. The waistband is designed to fit neatly, not pinch or dig in. And that drawstring which adds a touch of contrasting colour as well as making sure that the shorts fit just right, whether they are dry or wet.


What Colour Beach trunks Should I Choose?

If you're eighteen years old, spend most of each day at the gym, and have a fabulous tan, then the answer is, choose whatever colour and design of mens swim trunks that you please! If however, like most of us, you've let the waistline slide a little over the years, and you've been too busy working to get that all over tan, then choosing the right colour can be a make or break decision. The rule of thumb is, if in doubt, choose blue. Seriously, blue is a very easy and forgiving colour. You can find a shade of blue which will look good with most skin shades. If you are very fair skinned, then a medium blue, like air force blue or saxe blue is a good choice. If you have dark skin, then go for a good bright turquoise or royal blue. Somewhere in between? Then navy is always a sound choice. If you rather like a pattern, choose something smart and discreet, not some violent Hawaiian confection. It's like the difference between the tie you'd wear for an anniversary dinner, and the comedy tie your kids bought you for Christmas. Patterns can be a little humourous, but small, neat and discreet is the watchword. Checkout more of our style guide to mens swimwear.


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