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Finding Cool Mens Swim Trunks!

Finding Cool Mens Swim Trunks! - Bondi Joe Swimwear


Finding cool mens swim trunks is a task that requires far more thought than a man is prepared to give. Naturally, we men are always in a rush, and unlike women, we seldom buy our staples with care. Only this little piece of information reveals itself to us when it’s too late and we find ourselves embroiled in situations that are entirely too embarrassing to survive. However, it isn’t entirely too difficult to get your hands on sturdy, comfy and insanely cool mens swim trunks. All you really have to do is put your trust in a reliable brand that will go out of its way to look after both, your style and your comfort. After all, cool mens swim trunks are never all about the swankiness and trendy element, now are they? You’ve got to watch out for the kind of firmness and grip they provide to hold everything in place, or else, you might end up with a fabric that is floating miles away while you’re busy completing your laps in the wide wild ocean. That most certainly won’t be cool! You also need to make sure that the men’s swim trunks you pick out allow an undisturbed air circulation to make sure all the trapped moisture from the water gets dried off and doesn’t leave you with a bad case of scratchiness and itching. Now that would be the farthest thing from cool. Here some essential tips and tricks to help you hunt down irresistibly cool mens swim trunks:


1. Trendy Textures & Hues for mens swim trunks

We hate the sight of conventional men’s swimwear staples in boringly dull hues of black or grey that feature a serious lack of cool patterns and graphics. After all, why should women be allowed to reap all the fun and excitement when it comes to putting together a sexy wardrobe for the beach while men limit themselves to boring hues? Get out there and experiment with new textures, fabrics, graphics, prints and bold hues that you’ve never flaunted in your entire life. Concentrate on hoarding up men’s swimwear staples by focusing on such style savvy elements, of which we give you ample opportunity, and they are all you really need to create a stellar wardrobe of awe-inspiringly cool mens swim trunks.


2. Functionality & Sturdiness

As mentioned above, cool men’s swim trunks can’t be embarrassment prone, so you must pick out mens swim shorts that are super-functional and sturdy in terms of keeping all your assets firmly in place. They must allow ample air circulation to save your private skin from being attacked by horrid skin qualms that tend to emerge due to moisture retention. And most importantly, they mustn’t fall apart after a couple days of fun at the beach.


3. Luxuriously Comfy

A smart man puts his comfort above all else, and that’s the only wise way to go about buying cool mens swim trunks that will actually make you feel cool and comfy.

Be sure to check out our full guide to mens swimwear style.


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