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Hot Mens beachwear

Hot Mens beachwear-Bondi Joe Swimwear

Mens beachwear comes in so many shapes and sizes, it's important to spend the time making the right choice! Swim shorts are designed for, well, swimming, so they are cut a little closer than beach shorts, yet still allow for comfort and style when you are lounging or walking around. They offer a look which is at the same time gentlemanly and sporty.

Beach shorts are a little longer than swim shorts generally, with a draw string waist, designed as much for walking around as for swimming. Good beachwear is tailored the way a good pair of pants are tailored. A pair of shorts should have a quality waistband for excellent fit, good strong seams, pockets for small items, at least one of which should have a closure, and ideally a mesh lining to keep the crown jewels comfortable!

Mens beachwear is all about the length

Mens beachwear come in a range of lengths, usually having an inseam from three inches to around ten inches. Leg length choice will depend on how tall you are, as well as your own preference. If you're rangy, then select the longer leg length. If you're shorter, then a shorter leg will avoid that swamped look. If you're a very active swimmer, planning to wear your shorts at the pool when you're exercising, then you might choose the shorter style which make you just a little more aquadynamic in the water.

Are you going to be wearing a shirt over your beach shorts? Then make sure that the shorts are several inches longer than the bottom of the shirt, to avoid the “no pants” look. A nice loose shirt teamed with a good pair of beach shorts is a great look on any man. Always go for a waist size which allows you a bit of breathing space. Nothing makes a larger guy look more badly dressed than a pinched in tight waistband with flesh spilling over the top.

You should allow for perhaps an inch more than your actual waist measurement when you're relaxed. And we think that swim shorts which slip down and show your butt crack are just not manly – that's a look for the young and very foolish.


Color Guide

Color is important for men's beachwear. It's tempting to go for bright neons and wild prints when you're heading for the beach, and if you have dark or tanned skin, these can look stunning. But if you have rather fair skin, these colors are to be avoided, unless you want to end up looking like a long drink of milk. Be sure to also checkout our other guides to mens swimwear style and trends. - Bondi Joe


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