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Swim Trunk "Outfits" That You Can Wear Anywhere

Swim Trunk "Outfits" That You Can Wear Anywhere-Bondi Joe Swimwear

So, your friends want to meet up for breakfast, head to the beach, stop at a bar, and finish off the night at a club. Packing for that sounds tough! Luckily for you, Bondi Joe swim trunks can be worn just about anywhere! Here are a few outfit ideas for any occasion that marries the beach/pool with non-water activities.


Creating a casual look with your Bondi Joe swim trunks is easy! All you need is a t-shirt and some shoes. If you're going in public, make sure the shirt matches your shorts. This is especially important for our swim trunks with patterns. Pro tip: some mismatched patterns can work together, but it's safer to pair patterned bottoms with a solid top in the same color scheme. Choose your shoes based on the outing. If you'll be walking a lot, sneakers may be more practical than sandals or flip flops. Accessorize with shades, hats, and watches as you see fit!


For a more preppy look that you could wear to a nicer restaurant or on a boat, pair your Bondi Joe swim trunks with a polo or a short-sleeved collared shirt. Again, be sure that the colors work together! For this look, you can add a nice hat and a fancy watch. For shoes, we recommend boat shoes of some kind such as Sperry's. We wouldn't suggest tucking in your shirt, at least not completely. A French tuck (just tucking in the front) is acceptable, but a full tuck without a belt may look a bit odd. 


If preppy isn't good enough for the event, you can step up your look even more! Take a look at the weather forecast before you put this outfit together or you could end up too hot. For a cooler option, throw on a well-ironed button-down shirt and roll the sleeve up to your elbow. Pair this look with some low-profile sneakers or casual dress shoes and you're almost ready for the event! If it's not hot and humid, consider adding an open blazer, potentially with a tie. You can also add some fun dress socks if that's your style and if it's appropriate for the event. Finish the look with your favorite accessories and you'll be turning heads in no time! 


Maybe you spend a few hours at the beach and now you're ready to head to the gym to work out. You can pair your Bondi Joe swim trunks with your favorite (matching) t-shirt or tank top! To be fair, matching isn't as critical if you're only going to the gym, but it will always look more put together. You'll want to have supportive sneakers with you to prevent injury and provide support. Put your shades on and grab a protein shake and you are the king of the gym!

Things to Keep In Mind

Remember that style is subjective and no one needs to "get it" except for you. If you like what you're wearing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Of course, keep the occasion in mind and be sure that your outfit is appropriate. If you choose to dress up our swim trunks, keep in mind that the shirt you choose makes a huge difference! A well-fitted t-shirt will look classier than a baggy graphic tee that's full of wrinkles. As we mentioned multiple times, be conscious about matching colors and patterns to avoid eyesores. Accessorize as you see fit with hats, glasses, jewelry, socks, and more! 

If you've been inspired to wear your swim trunks off the beach, at Bondi Joe we offer a large selection of patterns and styles, all liner-free for all-day comfort. Our shorts dry very quickly so that you can get on with your day, whatever that entails. If you rock your Bondi Joes somewhere, take a picture and tag us @bondi.joe on Instagram! We may use your photo in posts or future blogs!

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