Discover Bondi Joe's boys swimwear

We wanted to create great looking swimwear that that makes him look super stylish on the beach. Swimwear that made you feel as good as you look, with a focus on comfort for all day wear. We removed that annoying inner mesh lining so he can play in comfort all day long!

We are an Australian brand reinventing boys swimwear. With a great fit, always on trend patterns, and colours from greens and blue to purple and orange, our range has every taste covered. Forget velcro, our range is are made with draw strings to improve the fit and comfort. They have big side pockets designed all his precious shells, coins and rock collecting. Our customers love the fact that the material dries so quickly out of the water.

Bondi Joe has strong environmental credentials. The fabric used in our board shorts is from recycled materials, we do not use plastic in our packaging, and we have bought carbon credits to offset the carbon from our supply chain.

What’s your most popular colour and style?

This summer, our most popular style of boys swimwear have been the floral ones, like the Roscoe Green Boys Swim Trunks and the Wonderland Boys Swim Trunks. These designs are playful and bright yet masculine and strong, and parents and their sons can’t seem to get enough of them!!

Why are your boys swimwear lining-free?

We discovered in our research that the number one issue with boys swimwear was uncomfortable inner lining. So we removed the mesh lining, perfected the fit and made our swimwear the most comfortable he will ever wear.

Do you offer free returns?

Absolutely! We are so confident that he will love them that we back all our boys swimwear with a Fit & Comfort Guarantee. As part of that we offer free returns!

“Bondi Joe have reimagined mens swimwear … the result is far more comfortable, eco-friendly you can hang out [and hang free in] all day”

“Go crazy over these day-to-night swim trunks that double up as casual shorts” 

“These shorts are cool, well cut and comfortable … and they don’t include a dumb liner” 

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