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Best Sydney Beaches

Best Sydney Beaches-Bondi Joe Swimwear

Idyllic and sandy, best Sydney beaches are some of the most picturesque in the world. As such, they make the perfect destination for anyone in need of an unforgettable vacation.

When it comes to holidaying in Australia, the pristine Sydney beaches promise a truly incredible experience and plenty of opportunity to wear your favorite swimming trunks. The city’s vast coastline offers both extremes, with some beaches featuring gently lapping waters that tumble lazily onto the sand, while others boast of heavily crashing waves that create the perfect setting for thrill-seeking surfers.

Top 7 best Sydney Beaches

Bondi Beach

The crescent-shaped Bondi Beach is, without a doubt, Australia’s most famous beach. It is renowned for its sizable waves, and excellent seaside dining opportunities, as well as exceptional views of the beach from the Coo gee Coastal Walk nearby.

Bondi beach can be reached by taking the bus from Circular Quay, which is a 45-minute trip. Due to a lack of parking, bringing your own vehicle is not recommended. Be sure to checkout our full guide to Bondi Beach for more tips

Manly Beach

The 30-minute journey on the Circular Quay ferry will take you to one of the best Sydney beaches, Manly Beach, the perfect place for lovers of surfing. As the home of the first ever Surfing World Championships back in 1964, the beach has gained a reputation for having some of the best waves in Sydney and the world. These high waves are formed by the submerged offshore reef nearby, which also makes the beach a popular choice for snorkelers.

Cronulla Beach

Cronulla Beach is the ideal location for families holidaying in Sydney thanks to its array of rock pools and cafes, as well as its powerful waves which make it a popular surfing destination for those who don’t want to be fighting the masses at Manly and Bondi. It is easily reached by train, making the journey here less of a headache.

Did you know? Cronulla Beach’s name was originally derived from the word ‘kurranulla,’ an aboriginal word which refers to a ‘place of pink seashells.’

Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach is well-known thanks to its convenient location. You can easily walk to from Bondi to Bronte via the popular pathway. Bronte can cater for both swimmers and surfers, with enough sizable waves to create an enjoyable surfing experience while also featuring rock pools that are deep enough for a spot of lazing around in the blue waters. The beach is also equipped with a dedicated barbecue and picnic area because no one likes a sandy sandwich!

Palm Beach

At the end of the bus route from Manly, you’ll be rewarded with the infamous Palm Beach. Easily one of the best beaches in Sydney, as a more enclosed and sheltered space than other beaches, this beach is loved for its cold swimming spots where even a novice swimmer can get stuck in and get involved.

Whale Beach

Often considered to be one of the most picturesque surfing beaches in Sydney, Whale Beach has loved thanks to its 1.6m high waves which provide excellent surfing and body boarding opportunities. Its surf break, also known as the ‘Wedge,’ serves to smooth out the waves in places, making it even possible to swim here if you choose the right spot. Since people generally want Palm Beach over Whale Beach, it is also much quieter and more serene.

Whale beach can be accessed from Central Sydney by both bus and train routes.

Maroubra Beach

With a name meaning, ‘like thunder,’ it is easy to see why Maroubra Beach has favored as a surfing location thanks to its reliable and consistent waves. When compared to some of the other beaches, it is practically deserted, too; an excellent choice for someone wanting to surf in peace.

From Central Station or Museum Station in the nearby town of Coogee, buses can take you almost as far as the waves themselves.

Which Beach Is Best?

Deciding which of the above beaches is right for your Sydney vacation will largely depend on your intentions; your preference for busy or quiet beaches; and your ability to get from your hotel to the beach—and back—easily. Once you have weighed up these factors, you may then be able to make an informed decision as to where you want to spend your time. Regardless, every one of the above beaches is a stunning place to spend a few hours—or a whole day!—and so whichever choice you make will still be an incredible one.

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