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How To Make Any Home Feel More Like a Beach Home!

How To Make Any Home Feel More Like a Beach Home!-Bondi Joe Swimwear

Unfortunately, the large majority of the population are not blessed enough to live right by the water. That being said, most people love the beach and wish they could experience it more often. There are a few simple ways you can make your home feel more like a beach house, no matter how far inland you are. The Bondi Joe team of beach lovers and designers has put together this shortlist to get you inspired! Let's get into it!

Change Linens to White

One easy way to give your home a more coastal vibe is to swap colored/patterned sheets and linen with white versions. Think about the photos and videos you've seen of beach houses; can you recall any that didn't show crisp white sheets on the giant beds? Of course, white linens require more work to keep looking pristine, so this change may not be for everyone. You should proceed with caution if you have small children or any animals that regularly make their way onto your bed. White does not give you any room for error when it comes to stains! It's not entirely clear why white is so synonymous with beach vibes, but it's usually chalked up to looking clean, fresh, and bright, much like the ocean! 

Coastal Interior Design

Add Tropical Prints

Another simple way to add beachy vibes to your interior design is to incorporate some tropical prints. You can find wall hangings, bed sets, pillows, rugs, etc. in a variety of tropical, beachy prints. If you're not sure what we mean by "tropical prints," head on over to the Bondi Joe website! Our collection of designer men's swim trunks feature some awesome prints in bright, bold colors. Our most beachy prints include Roscoe, Wonderland, Banksia, Grove, and Dellview. You can use these patterns and color schemes as inspiration for decorating your home! Generally speaking, blues and greens are often associated with the beach, as are corals, pinks, yellows, and other bright colors. You want to be careful to incorporate prints tastefully. We don't advise mixing prints too much, otherwise, the room can be overwhelming to look at. Pick a print you love and use it for a color scheme. The room will be transformed in no time!

Tropical prints

Statement Plants Are Your Friend

When tropical prints aren't enough, it's time to bring in the real thing! Will your home with statement plants and it'll instantly feel more beachy. While most tropical plants cannot survive in a pot inside your home, there are plenty of common house plants that get the point across! Any type of long grass is very coastal, as are leafy potted plants. You can incorporate some flowers, even if they aren't truly tropical. The most important thing is to bring nature indoors with bright greens, pinks, yellows, and oranges! If real plants aren't your thing, plenty of companies make artificial versions of your favorite vegetation. You can even get some "real" tropical plants if they're artificial! Before you get any live plants, make sure they are compatible with your location, and ensure that they are pet safe if you have furry friends. Sprinkle some greenery around the house and it'll feel like summer all the time!

Tropical Plants

Incorporate Natural Materials

Lastly, you want to incorporate natural materials when you can. Raw or raw-finished wood is a great option, as are ratan, stone, rope, and coarse fabric. There are countless ways to bring natural elements into your home. You can swap out your current living room furniture for neutral tones and ratan. Swap out the wooden cabinets in your kitchen with some that look rawer. Remodel your plaster fireplace with stones. You can start out by making small changes and work your way up to full-on remodels. Swap out your typical plates and bowls to some that look like wood! Replace your iron trivets with stone. There are so many ways to get creative, so don't be afraid to try things!

Beach house tropical

We hope you've been inspired by this brief list of coastal interior design tips. When in doubt, turn to images of your favorite beaches! Bondi Beach (and any Australian beach) is a great place to start! Take notes of the textures, materials, and colors you see and try to emulate them in your home. With a bit of planning and work, you can transform your home into a "beach house!" All of our Bondi Joe swim trunks are tropically-inspired, and we hope they can inspire you too! Shop Bondi Joe Swim Trunks at Happy decorating!


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