• Choosing the perfect Swimming Costume mens

    Choosing the perfect Swimming Costume mens
    Why Colour Matters for Swimming Costume mens When you go and buy a shirt, chances are that you spend time thinking about the colour. Should it be the pale blue, or the white with the self stripe? The pale grey, or the fawn? As for choosing ties – well that can be a make or break decision! Yet chances are when you buy your...
  • Swimming Costume For Mens Guide

    Swimming Costume For Mens Guide
    When it comes to swimming costume for mens, there are those designed for boys, and those designed for men. You want a swim suit that says you're a man, right? So wave a not-so-fond farewell to the swim wear of your youth - those baggy board shorts with the bum cleavage, those itsy bitsy scanties that barely covered the essentials, those dirty ripped up...
  • Mens Bathing Suits Guide

    Mens Bathing Suits Guide
    Mens bathing suits have only been with us for the past hundred and twenty years or so. Well into the twentieth century, it was considered manly for men to bathe in the nude. The first mens bathing suits were in fact, the birthday suit! Mixed bathing was not generally socially acceptable, for obvious reasons. The Early Days Of Mens Bathing Suits By the nineteen...
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