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Choosing the perfect Swimming Costume mens

Choosing the perfect Swimming Costume mens-Bondi Joe Swimwear

Why Colour Matters for Swimming Costume mens

When you go and buy a shirt, chances are that you spend time thinking about the colour. Should it be the pale blue, or the white with the self stripe? The pale grey, or the fawn? As for choosing ties – well that can be a make or break decision! Yet chances are when you buy your bathing shorts, you don't give much thought to the colour and pattern of the fabric. But when they're wearing a swimming costume mens individual character can shine through – or not, as the case may be. After all you just have few square feet at most to make an impact – and you want that impact to be super cool, right?

That Swimming Costume Mens Bad Decisions

We've all seen the disasters when it comes to colour choice. The guy who looks as if he spent the past year in an especially dark cupboard, sporting the bright orange neon beach shorts. The man who thought it was a great idea to choose beach shorts exactly the same colour and tone as his skin – giving that “What the heck?” nude look. The guy carrying quite a bit of extra girth who thought the wide horizontal stripes were a great idea. And the redhead with the sun burnt skin and red beach shorts – such a bad look.

So What Are The Good Colour Choices?

First figure out what colours look bad on you. Never wear blue? Then don't select blue shorts. They aren't going to make you happy. Always love wearing camo? Then you're going to feel good in camo, but maybe go for a different colour camo for the beach, something a bit lighter like blue or sand. Generally the rules are easy. If you have very fair skin, then go for blues, greens, and pastels; dark colours may look just a bit too stark for you. Red or auburn hair usually means fair skin, so choose turquoise, tan, violet or green. Dark hair and olive skin means you have a wide choice, and maybe you can be a little bolder in your choice of colours – go for strong pink, turquoise, bright emerald green, dark brown. If you have very tanned or naturally dark skin, you can more or less wear whatever colour you like, but why not take advantage and go for vivid neon colours?

And Patterns?

So you're feeling like splashing out and choosing a pattern. Remember that vertical stripes are always a good choice if you are carry those few stubborn pounds, and if you're a bit lighter than you'd like to be, then go for horizontal stripes. If you really do want the beach shorts with the Aloha pattern, the sharks, the hula girls – well, we can't stop you, but you'd better have a really buff body, be under eighteen years old, or simply have a very bold, couldn't care less attitude, in which case you probably aren't reading this anyway.

The Foolproof Choice

If you're really not sure, choose a solid colour, in a mid blue shade or a neutral like slate or tan. Or ask your wife! Be sure to also read our guide to mens swimwear for more tips and tricks.


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