• Top 10 Gold Coast Beaches

    Top 10 Gold Coast Beaches
    If you are in search of some sunshine and a chance to mingle with people from diverse cultures, ethnicity and vegetation, then the Gold Coast is just the place for you. The Gold Coast has an average of 287 days of glorious sunshine. If no other information comes in, this alone is enough to make you neglect your life, pack up and just go...
  • Swimming at Burleigh Heads

    Swimming at Burleigh Heads
    Burleigh Heads is a remarkable stretch of golden coast. The beach attracts all manner of visitors throughout the year thanks to its breathtaking blue waters. The unique layout of the Burleigh Heads beach makes this particular stretch of coastline the ideal destination for lovers of swimming and surfing alike. The headland provides waves which are good enough for surfers to ride, meanwhile, the rest...
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