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Buying Swimming Shorts for Mens

Buying Swimming Shorts for Mens - Bondi Joe Swimwear

Buying swimming shorts for mens isn’t childs play. It is a task that requires absolute understand of what you seek from men’s swim shorts, the kind of comfort they can provide you, and of course, a round-up of the latest trends. We’ve prepared a little guide to help you hunt down the best men’s swim shorts for the season, here take a look:

1. Know your Build

Even though they’re called shorts, men’s swim shorts do not have to as short as your briefs. After all, if you have a tall height and a rock hard build, would you want to parade around the beach in a skimpy bikini? You need to understand that the length of your shorts must be kept in proportion with your height. Style experts agree that men’s swim trunks that graze light above the knee are always the best choice because not only do they look decent, unless you are a gigolo who wants to appear provocative, but they also enhance your style statement. You see, just-above-the-knee shorts make you appear much leaner and they also elongate your height. So, if you’re not 6 feet tall, don’t sweat it, just invest in a swanky pair of just-above-the-knee swimming shorts for mens. If you’re a taller guy, with an impressively flattering build, go ahead and risk buying men’s swim shorts as short as 5 inches, because after all the hard work you put in at the gym, you’ve clearing earned the right to show off your body at the beach.

2. Channel Your Personality into your Swimming Shorts for Mens

When shopping for the best men’s swim trunks, don’t channel the personality of that hunky surfer dude who gets an abundance of blonde-attention, or that swimsuit model who may be lounging around in a poster in front of you as you shop your picks. Instead, channel your own personality and pick out the men’s swim trunks that you will be most comfortable in wearing. If you’re a more of a suit and tie kind of guy, you’ll probably think twice about buying a pair of neon orange men’s swim shorts, right? So, don’t buy them, and buy a plain yet energetic navy blue instead. The idea is to maintain your comfort zone and style up according to your personality rather than your body.


3. The Comfort Factor

The most essential and most important factor to keep in mind while shopping for men’s swim short is your comfort. If the swimming shorts for mens are not comfy, sturdy or functional, they are a waste of your time and money. So don’t compromise your comfort to join up the bandwagon of mainstream trends. For instance, if you find men’s swim shorts with elastic bands most comfortable, stick to them. But if you can’t stand the elastic stretch marks they leave on your skin, invest in a pair of solid men’s swim trunks with draw strings, or a snap-open button. Also, make sure the pair of men’s swim trunks that you pick out provides a good air circulation to dry up all the moisture and help avoid the awful scratchiness that tends to occur.

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