Discover Bondi Joe's board shorts

We wanted to create great looking shorts that are just as suited to the bar as they are to the beach. Shorts that made you feel as good as you look, with a focus on comfort for all day wear. We are an Australian brand reinventing men’s board shorts. With bright patterns, flashes of neon and a great sense of style, and colours with everything from greens to purples, our range has every taste covered.

Unlike traditional board shorts that use Velcro, ours are made with draw strings to improve the fit and comfort. They have 3x big pockets designed for your wallet, phone and keys! They are made without the mesh-lining to improve their comfort, but are thick enough to cover up where it counts! Our customers love the fact that the material dries so quickly out of the water.

Bondi Joe has strong environmental credentials. The fabric used in our board shorts is from recycled materials, we do not use plastic in our packaging, and we have bought carbon credits to offset the carbon from our supply chain.

What material are your boardshorts made from?

All of our fabric is from 100% recycled materials. Plastic bottles are melted down and spun into yarn to make our shorts, cleaning up the world’s plastic at the same time!

Are they fast drying?

Our boardshorts are super fast trying because of the materials we use and their thickness. When you get out of the water, towel dry and then let the shorts dry naturally in the sun or wind and they will be dry in no time at all. Customer feedback has been that they are some of the quickest drying shorts available!

Why do you use draw strings rather than Velcro?

Old fashion mens boardshorts had velcro fly’s, which were hard to align and close and made the shorts less comfortable. Our design features a drawstring and elastic waist which makes them fit better and be more comfortable for all day wear.

“Bondi Joe have reimagined mens swimwear … the result is far more comfortable, eco-friendly you can hang out [and hang free in] all day”

“Go crazy over these day-to-night swim trunks that double up as casual shorts” 

“These shorts are cool, well cut and comfortable … and they don’t include a dumb liner” 

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