Cool Swim Trunks For Hot Days


Everybody want to look great on the beach, so cool swim trunks are definitely the order of the day. But what makes mens swim trunks cool? Here are our do's and don'ts for looking cool on the beach.

If You Want Cool Swim Trunks, Wear Beach Shorts

You may have an elderly, baggy pair of speedos in the back of your wardrobe. Don't go there. They may have looked good when you were eighteen, but now, they're rather less than attractive. Those skimpy little bits of cloth just don't cover the essentials in a good way. Maybe you're still hanging on to some baggy shorts from those good old surfing days. You know, the ones featuring bum cleavage and a startling Hawaiian theme. Boy, you were quite the guy back them. But as your wife probably reminds you from time to time, back then was back then – now you need something more tailored, smarter, just more manly. To look totally cool when the weather gets too hot to handle, you need beach shorts.


Why Beach Shorts?

You want to look good strolling around (even if you are licking a lolly), but at the next moment you might want to take a flying dive and have a good hard swim. If that sounds like you, then mens swim trunks are the answer. They are the most versatile thing to wear on the beach or by the pool. Cool swim trunks are tailored to fit just right, with a comfortable, neat waistband and a good mesh liner. Colours can be wild, but you're going to want to go for the cool blues, calm greens, sophisticated greys and easy to wear small prints.


Don't Get Burnt

You know full well that getting too much sun is stupid. A deep golden tan looks good, but barbecued skin, red and peeling, is a turn off. So be very careful to look after your skin by using the right protection. Build up your tan slowly; that means sun creams of course, but it also means covering up sensitive skin areas. One of the easily forgotten places is the upper thighs, especially the backs of your thighs. It's painful and potentially dangerous to get burnt here, so beach shorts are ideal, as they cover up that vulnerable area.


Don't Wear Socks With Shorts

No matter how many times we say this, we still see guys out there wearing socks and shorts on the beach. It seems that some of you didn't get the memo. Just. Don't. Do. It. Unless of course you're wearing dress shoes, in which case you are truly a hopeless case, and should probably have your wife dress you in the mornings.


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