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Guide to buying designer swim trunks

Guide to buying designer swim trunks

We have all made Designer Swim Trunks mistakes. We've thrown a bunch of stuff into a bag, grabbed the dear old swimmers from the back of a drawer, and headed off for our holidays, when we intend to spend a LOT of time on the beach, in the pool, and generally having a great time. The wife has been planning her wardrobe for months, even the kids have all got new stuff, but poor you – no one cares if your kit is old, baggy, saggy and just not cool.

Designer Swim Trunks – You Deserve Them

When you're on the beach or by the pool, people are going to judge you by what you're wearing. And you're not wearing all that much. So make sure that you have a truly smart, up to date pair of designer swim trunks. And this year, that doesn't mean embarrassingly skimpy Speedos, baggy board shorts or, heaven forbid, The Thing That Came Out Of Your Drawer At Home. No, you deserve something really good looking, to make you look your best, and show that you're a man of taste and discernment.

So, What Makes Designer Swim Trunks, Designer?

The answer is, they have been designed. Someone sat down and thought about the tidy waistband, the slim outline, the exactly correct leg length, the cunning and useful pockets, the mesh lining for comfort, the superb quality and smart fabric which will stand up to sun, sea, chlorine and those times when you leave them to fester in the bottom of your kit bag.

A real human being put a lot of thought into designing the perfect mens swim trunks, and into how they are going to fit and feel just great. They're designed for performance, to do a job for you. The people designed a range, so you can choose longer legs for the times when you want to cover up a bit, shorter legs when you want to spend all day in the water, and a choice of masculine and fun colours and styles

And If They're Not Designer?

If they're not designer swim trunks, then no-one gave them the slightest thought, except maybe, “How much can we charge for this rubbish?” They were slung together from the cheapest of materials, with no thought for style or comfort, in a backroom somewhere in south east Asia. If they go transparent when they're wet, if the elasticated waistband bags to twice its size after two swims, if they look like something your auntie would wear – who cares? And don't imagine that they are going to be cheap - they can be pretty pricey. You deserve good quality swimwear, for comfort, practicality and good looks. You wouldn't buy a car that no-one had designed, so why buy swim trunks that were never given even a single thought by a sensible human being?


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