• 10 Swimming Pool Games for Kids

    10 Swimming Pool Games for Kids
    There are loads of great swimming pool games for kids. Whether you are at the hotel pool or the beach, good swimming games can provide fun for all ages, and keep the kids occupied for hours. We all have great memories of playing Marco Polo with the neighbourhood kids in the backyard pool, and the game remains extremely popular today. Below you will find...
  • Beach tents

    Beach tents
    Beach tents have become a popular must-have accessory for going to the beach. Whether you are wanting to avoid the harsh sun, protect your skin from harmful UV rays or just have a great place to store your stuff and relax at the beach – beach tents are a great idea. Beach umbrellas are the go-to classic beach shelter that we all had when...
  • Surviving a day at the beach with kids

    Surviving a day at the beach with kids
    Let’s face it, going to the beach with kids can be a tough task. Remember the days before kids when you could grab your things and head to the beach for the day anytime you wanted? Don’t get us wrong, having kids is an amazing and rewarding experience, but taking them to the beach for an extended period of time can go either way....
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