Guide to board shorts for men

Board shorts for men are always in style at the beach, but where do you buy the perfect pair? How do you maximise comfort for all day at the beach, and still be on trend in terms of colours, length and brand?

Board shorts and the surf brands

Board shorts for men have their roots in the surfing scene. Originally designed to be longer that normal swimwear, boardie shorts offered surfers more protection from that dreaded surfboard wax that can otherwise pull your leg hair out (ouch!). As a result, most people associate board shorts with the major surf brands. From Rip Curl to Billabong, these companies have spent years perfecting the perfect pair and offer a range of great colors each season.

But what if you aren’t a surfer?

A question we always get asked is if you aren’t a surfer, can you still pull off wearing boardie shorts from a surf brand? Our answer is of course you can! At Bondi Joe, we believe that men can look great in the beach wearing anything they feel comfortable in, as long as they wear it with confidence. What we would say, however, is to have a think about the different options of mens swimwear and decided if board shorts are best for you before you go into the surf shop. Boardie shorts are typically longer in style, so they can be not as flattering to your legs! They also tend to have less pockets and no elastic, so the fit is really important to get right. Non-surf brands like us tend to have shorter style shorts (cut above the knee), with more pockets and an elasticated waist bands with drawstring. We find that this style suits more guys who want to feel relaxed in the beach, and then transition their clothes to the pub or café after a swim.

Where to start looking

We recommend doing some serious internet crawling to find the perfect pair of boardie shorts for the summer. Since you are on our site, be sure to check out our range of board shorts for men to get inspired. Remember some key considerations are going to be how long the shorts are, what material they are made out of (you want quick drying!), and how the color matches your skin tone and your standard t-shirt collection. As we already mentioned, the number one advice we always give – is to wear your swimmers with confidence! Confidence is always be in style. - Bondi Joe

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