Mens Swimwear for Dad Bods

Here are our top tips to buying mens swimwear for dad bods! Just because you have a dad body doesn’t mean you can’t look great at the beach or the pool this summer.

Know your body type and what suits you

First and foremost when it comes to swimwear for dad bods, you've got to think about your comfort and that means choosing a pair of swim trunks or shorts that fits your body type perfectly. Otherwise, spending the whole day at the beach with an ill-fitting swimwear can be pure torture. If you're tall, avoid swimwear that goes past your knees as it could bring undue attention to your legs. Also, make sure it isn't too baggy or it could make you look like as if you're wearing a skirt. If you're short, avoid wearing swimwear that is too short or tight-fitting. Instead, choose one whose hem falls in the middle of your knees. Also, take note that the pattern or design of your swimwear can also affect your look so try to avoid those with huge, horizontal lines as they could make your thighs appear thicker. They could also put emphasis on your wide torso, which is something that you don't want to happen if you don't want people looking at your beer belly.

Know your color when it comes to swimwear for dad bods

After finding swimwear that fits you like a glove, the next step is to determine what its colour should be. Of course, you should choose your favourite shade because not only will it give you self-confidence, it will also allow you to express yourself. But if you don't have specific colour preferences, you can pick one that matches your skin tone. To know your skin tone, hold a white sheet of paper up to your face and see how it compares. If your skin has a yellowish, olive, or light brown tint, you've got a warm skin stone. Warm skin tones look good on nature colours such as amber, orange, olive, moss green, and yellow. If your skin is very pale or very dark, you've got a cool skin tone. Recommended colours for cool skin tones are those that are ocean or winter-inspired such as bright blues, cool gray, white, and very pale yellow. If your skin tone doesn't seem to fall into the warm or cool category, you're a neutral. Neutral skin tones look great in the muted or subdued versions of pretty much any colour.

Consult the wife and kids

If you're not sure, ask your family for their opinion. Who knows, they might be able to help you find cool brands that you might not have even heard of. They can also introduce you to the joys of online shopping.

Wear What You Like and Disregard everyone else's opinion

Since you'll be the one who's wearing it, buy the pair of mens swimwear that you like. Don't listen to what other people are telling you. Choose the one that you'll feel comfortable and confident in and make sure that you wear it proudly and with confidence at the beach!
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